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Produce traceability is an important link in protecting public health since it allows health agencies to more quickly and accurately identify the source of contaminated vegetables believed to be the cause of an outbreak offoodborne illness, remove them from the marketplace, and communicate to the supply chain.


Monitoring our quality

Distribution models for  modern horticulture in the high quality fresh and healthy vegetables are slightly different from the general models. More and more between processing and transport to the supermarkets and hypermarkets is done by our self. To be assured shortest delivery times and be in control of the products quality. Monitoring our own products.

Quality assurance

Post harvest technology

Postharvest processing and handling is an important part of modern horticultural production. Processes include the integrated functions of harvesting, cleaning, grading, cooling, storing, packing and transport. Processes protect produce to preserve quality, reduce damage, travel distances, grade and categorize, document sources and label. Postharvest handling involves the practical application of engineering principles and knowledge of vegetable physiology to solve problems.

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