DGOG (Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group b.v.) is co-owner of DSG (Shandong Dutch Greenhouse Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.) and therefore indirectly in the position to guide tenders for projects of national and international investment partners, to draft and to market on Dutch quality level, in Chinese market. In addition, as a specialized horticultural company you can gain position with DGOG and DSG and be part in getting invitations to make a bid on Chinese horticultural projects. 


A Dutch company with future proof position in a Chinese company, a Chinese company supported by local governments and big national companies as co-owner. Cooperation in any way with DGOG-DSG is for your benefit.


In China, projects are tangible when the investment is in place and the building land has been allocated and committed. Investors and governments depend on each other for this.

To support planning in China, DGOG and the DSG design team provide both parties with preliminary designs and information in the preliminary phase. Simply to make communication about plans possible and to offer support to developments in which both parties are often not very familiar. Specific input and instructions from specialists, particularly from the Netherlands, are involved where necessary in an efficient lowcost manner. The Chinese customer and market find it very common that time-consuming preliminary work and changes are made. Normally this has to be earned back by putting the team in a preferential position.


Once decided the project is more serious DGOG start to work in detail with a team consist out of AAB BM International b.v., growers knowledge, energy specialists and greenhouse systems leading partners. Connect the right partners and prepare through processes in our DSG company the project guide and package for the investors. Parallel with our designs we involve cropplans(*) and long term structural support for operations from A to Z. 


Constructing horticultural projects on Chinese land is no problem if you want to do this with DSG. DSG is your tool or partner to realize this and will relieve you with regard to administrations and responsibilities that are relevant in China and those you are inexperienced with or cannot communicate and sort out in China. 

Constructing quality greenhouses, production machines as we say, requires constructing and details that meet the actual design specifications. We as DSG are extra focused on this because we know it is only possible to have a better earn back model if quality of the greenhouse and its technical integration and steering of production systems are as the high standard and make able to cultivate in the proper way and make grow support with good results on location or by new digital control systems possible. Construct in good order a Dutch greenhouse facility will be the base for successful services and initiate more easily new projects.  Keeping up the Dutch Horticultural name ! 

DGOG is with DSG involved in the development and construction of greenhouses for DSG itself and for 3th parties. The mayor greenhouse developments are business cases from Chinese government and investors, less real estate company influence nor building material companies will involve less and less in future transformation of China.


Investments and financial support models for modern horticultural developments in China are more than average complex and more difficult to understand. This is due to lack of references and knowing what is really involved for modern horticulture. A transformation to a new horticultural industry with all its spearheads within the chain requires a lot of explanation, support models and for sure lot of investments. DGOG in DSG take a major role in this with big Chinese National Companies as partner towards the market and governments in China.


Work together with us directly at the center of the activities and have more benefits by this position.


Despite the fact a well-built greenhouse or functionally designed Horti Center as well as financing have been arranged, a good operation will contribute a lot to ensuring that a recouped model will be successful. Within the operational implementation we have access to many services that reduce risks and allow structural improvements. Our promising turnover remains.

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