Indeterminate tomatoes, also known as climbing or vining tomatoes

To go short we can divide tomatoes for fresh eating in variety as follows:

Group 1, Little sized tomatoes packed loose or on the vine. Also often called as sweet snack tomatoes. Within this group we have Cherry, Cocktail and Plum tomatoes.

- Little Cherry loose,

- Little Cherry vine,

- Little Cocktail loose,

- Little Cocktail vine

- Little Plum loose and

- Little Plum vine.


Group 2, Medium sized tomatoes packed loose or on the vine (called truss tomatoes) Witin this group we grow Cocktail , Round and Plum tomatoes.

- Medium Cocktail loose,

- Medium Cocktail vine,

- Medium Round loose,

- Medium Plum loose and

- Medium Plum vine.


Group 3, Big sized tomatoes packed loose. There are

- Round tomatoes and

- Beefsteak tomatoes.


Sweet Peppers - Capsicum

Block Pepper & Pointed Pepper

Sweet Peppers represent a variety of Block Peppers, Pointed Peppers and even Snack Peppers.

Hot Peppers - Capsicum

Hot Pointed Peppers and Hot Block Peppers

Hot Pointed Peppers and Hot Block Peppers. In small and big size types.


Long cucumbers, Asian cucumbers and Snack cucumbers


Eggplant in different shape, color and texture


Leafy Greens such as Lettuce and Herbs

Lettuce is a fast growing raising star in vegetable growing. Protected hydroponic lettuce cultivation is possible for Head Lettuce which is a group name for Butterhead Lettuce (also called Bibb or Butter Lettuce) and Ice-berg Lettuce.  Other long leaf lettuce is called Romaine Lettuce and the last group is Leaf Lettuce which involves the reddisch and green uniform types.

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