The prospects of developments in growing vegetables are good.


Contemporary horticultural projects are often initiated by new investors. Unknown in the field of protected cultivation. The need to involve a wide-oriented partner is important, decisive for the success of the obtained company.


Exchange of applicable knowledge which proved itself for decades. Is the content of our services. We as DGOG put our focus on taking responsibility and having long-term cooperation. Partners for the future.


The obvious question, "can the project be profitably exploited" is based on the needed technology, local climate, local energy sources and price to the market. These are the ingredients which we will evaluate each time at the start of a new tailor-made plan.

It is not our goal to sell or develop a greenhouse as a building. Our goal is to design a technically to control profitable production machine which able us to grow sufficient yield and good quality of the vegetables. Designed with horticulture managers and growers perspective how to grow vegetables  with modern techniques. Growing knowledge pratical applied to become a successful horticultural business and to stay in future. Even as important is developing and perfecting this facility in the years of collaboration. Continuity is the key.


It is now time to determine the strategy together and take position.


To be successful in this reformation of high technology horticultural greenhouse development is support and cooperation from the governments imperative. Through consultation and explaining is shown what the result is for local development and employment.


Realizations which are modern and large scale have a positive impact on the environment, conditions of people, availability of safe and healthy food and is the new age for market position as a major producer for own people and exports.

Looking in to the future of food demand we believe we have a mission and we need to contribute as good as possilbe.

Determined by your location, climate, energysources and market

The right greenhouse design is always a costumized design. We prefer to call it a production machine instead of a building. A production machine to control and operate growing of vegetables and ornamentals.  

New opportunities in the field of food production are now actual. The future is huge and consumer market grows. Time to create a strategic position in save and healty food production greenhouses.                                       

Food is important now and in future. Sustainable produced food, sustainable transformation to the new high-technologie vegetable production in horticulture is catalyze due the important role of government.

Global assessment of world's land concludes that 25% of the earth's is badly degraded and that a sustainable intensification of agricultural productivity is required to meet the growing demand. Horticulture, especially protected cultivation of vegetables can meet these requirements.

- Invest now for the future - 

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Cultivation and grow support is to be completed in many different ways.


When it comes to substantial investments in modern horticulture which stands for a big turnaround in existing industry, knowledge sharing is the key to success. Cooperate with us and speed up the reforming of the horticulture industry.

To guarantee a good set up for horticultural business our method is cooperation for the long term. Knowledge of cultivation in protected environment is built up over many decades in the Netherlands. It is a specialism and requires frequent anticipation to continue the best output. 

This knowledge is not to be transferred in a short explanation or training. It is a process that is entered together and through years of knowledge sharing it will maximize local production.

To become a good greenhouse manager or labour manager is only possible by learning from the best. Step by step.


More broadly, it is important that we are committed to sharing knowledge on educational levels. Horticultural technical education, it is important young people learn and practice to improve their knowledge and experience in this agricultural business.

For this we turn to attend courses, training courses, exchange or practical placements in schools and universities. But also on location at the commercial greenhouses the students are trained by our experienced growers and managers.

Training the right qualified or ambitious employees and invest in their ability to become a professional worker, we take care.

In general we service and educate knowledge about:

  • Greenhouse operation management

  • Labour management

  • Grow systems and cultivation methods

  • Grow strategies in line of marketing actions and decisions

  • Hygienic working procedures

  • Biological growing

  • No pesticides

  • Greenhouse control

Reforming horticulture industry means long term partnering

Prosperity in modern protected cultivation in glasshouses is besides high technology mainly determind by experience and knowledge adapt on location. Growers and management with good track records will lead the operation. Knowledge transfer with responsibility.  

Besides the professional team operating the greenhouse and labour. We also invest in education and intership placements. Motivated students from Netherlands and China will improve themself by learning in practise at the commercial glasshouses.         

Growing is 1. But proper handling and processing the vegetables to the consumer is important as well. The demand for safe and healty vegetables becomes bigger and bigger. We implement the basics and learn the workers how to do.

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Optimizing the logistics in the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables is much more comprehensive.


Large-scale projects require specific details and techniques to ensure throughput times and quality. All links from the moment of harvest till the purchase by the consumer contributing to quality preservation of the vegetables.

Logistics implementation is subject to the choice of vegetables that grow in the greenhouse and technical co-determined by the experienced grower. We at DGOG will put up a good gardener and or manager at your location to work that can guarantee the quality and agreements within the logistics process.

In greenhouse horticulture areas produces a variety of vegetables can collectively benefit in conditioning, packaging and distribution are achieved. The quality is maintained. Another advantage is that the diversity from a cooperative supplier group has a commercial value.

The logistics process includes sorting and packing vegetables.

DGOG marketing and sales will determine how to provide the products and how to sell by which channels. The type of customer and the dealer determine how the vegetables will be packaged.

With special attention to hygienic processing and how the desired end products will be shown, a degree of automation and design of sorting machines and packing machines is designed by us.

Packing machines are designed for special requirements.

Function of the packaging contributes to a lot of prior issues like for example product protecting or keeping the vegetables fresh.

Logistics in bigger scale glasshouse cultivation will bring structure in harvesting and internal transport. The level of automate and integration is to decide on volume and intensity of harvesting the crop. Logistics brings structure in harvesting. 

Warehouse logistics in greenhouse vegetables has to do with sorting, packing, short time stock and conditioning of the produce. Preserve quality and freshness of the product. Efficient handling to prevent damage and prepare loading activities. Warehouse logistics are not standard but crop specific designed. 

Good infrastructure is required to transport funerable food such as soft fruit vegetables. Developing new areas for horticultural business will need this infrastructure to be at its best. Better distribution networks will give more opportunities in distance and provide fresh products at the consumers.

Be in control of your transport will assure the quality of your product the most. Notice that the the biggest food spoilage occures by bad conditioned transport and bad infrastructure. Food wil damage. It can be worthfull to collaborate and make position in conditioned transport developments, warehouses, conditioned distrubution and other related concerns.

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The vegetables from the greenhouse are good and have a great taste. We have a lot of it. The production is getting better.


A premium product to sell.

To sell these vegetables in the right place at the right price we pay specific attention to the sales plan. Everything depends on getting a good price or supply contracts for the long term. Sales strategy by DGOG and local marketing knowledge and experience are brought together to focus on selling at the highest price. This may result in selling local for local, in big cities, in neighbour provinces or for export.


Also, availability and type of vegetables at certain times is incorporated into the production plan to take full advantage at point of sale. Optimizing all facets in a horticultural company to create the highest possible yield to sell for the highest price. Timely response to trends in the food industry or be creative enough to make your own trend in the market. We can do it.


Marketing is also determining our own position as a producer and vendor. Can be maintained position for the future, or should there be anticipated to increase in scale and price impacts that deteriorate our position. How to ensure our marketing and price over a period of many years is a recurring concern. Actions set to grow bigger, become a recognized brand, bringing more diversity possible cooperative added value, and more ....


First step is the preliminary phase in which the amount of investments is determined, the feasibility is calculated and the basic design is prepared. Second step is address the consistency of growing, packing and selling. For this we are certainly an excellent partner for you on the Chinese market. A partner for a long time with joint interest to become a successful self-sustaining greenhouse business operation.

High quality and tastefull vegetables will be not available for everybody in first. Controlled protected cultivation for safe food, such as soft fruit vegetables, is now starting by reform the industry. It can become major in future. China government is in fact the initiator and biggest marketing tool we can wish for. Together for healthier and better.

Nothing will take place by itself and sometimes its not in your power to control. But we can control cultivating the vegetables in safe way, make sure the quality is extending. The packing is added value. The color and taste is super.

All ingredients to make a succesfull commodity.

Food trends are developing fast in nowadays markets. Concern china markets the focus is to sell healthy vegetables and improve quality and tast. Together we start from that wished position. So we are trendsetting for Chinese nowadays markets and consumers.

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