Local for local

Top food products do have a hugh demand in nearby cities

Local for local in China means easily within a range of 500km. The bigger nearby cities do have a hugh population. To provide this consumer markets with food, in our case with high quality vegetables, there are good possibilities to be successful. Enough 'local' consumers to sell our premiums. 

Retail and premium price market

Supermarket and hypermarket

Infrastructure to bigger cities is pretty well provided in China. Selling in hypermarkets and supermarkets all-natural and healthy vegetables is constantly increasing. For the future, with growing population, it will only become more and more. So more competition in future will be the case. The earlier we start with a brand the bigger it can become. Leading is being first and competitors have minor impact. 


Fresh clean and all-natural vegetables in the shopping cart

E-Commerce still becomes a bigger sales point. Internet to buy your vegetables. Direct purchase by consumers, direct shipping from our greenhouse.  


Export of greenhouse vegetables within 10 till 15 years is possible

Domestic markets will take the biggest part of the produce for the comming 10 years and maybe longer. Modern horticulture expansion in China can and will eventually have the capacity to export.  Decide 

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