Crop selection

Means decision making at the start of the design

In china we believe in premium prices for high quality veggies. Secure safety of food production and quality. Make yourself special in the market with the best products in their range. So from the start we select crop which will be bought by its looks and taste. Consumers and market analyzes and advice of local leading seed suppliers will be talked trough with our team of managers and growers. Only for the right crop selection...

Packing and variety

Packing design for each type of costumer and consumer

Packing of vegetables we catagorize in 3 main groups. As follows A. Consumer units or prepackaging B. Transport packaging and C. Unit load packaging or pallets. Seen from marketing and sales prospective our team will make sure that packing will meet the requirments for consumer behavior and their wishes. More ways of packing can be needed for several markets. 

Flavour is taste and color

Color is nice.. but taste will make you famous

Flavour (taste and smell) is what consumers need to experience to know the differences. In china people like for example tomatoes with a high brix number. A sweet flavoury taste they prefer. The better the flavour is the higher the prices are. Quality means good color, no damage on the product and conditioned circumstances with guarantee the right freshness and optimum taste when arrive at the consumer.


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