Interships and professional practice for Students

Learning by training in the real commercial greenhouse operations. Students, either from Holland or China, looking for practice placement in an international environment, especially in China, still in education or with an educational background which fits smootly in our horticulture visioen and plans are welcome to learn and transfer knowledge with us and eachother.

We welcome signups of Senior secondary vocational education (MBO) General secondary education (HAVO) Pre-university education (VWO) University education (VU)

The professional practice program provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real world problems we turn in nowadays solutions.

Students in Horticulture are often encouraged to complete an internship experience. Although internships are not required, the majority of students in the department do complete at least one experience and some students complete more than one. 

Through several programs students gain experience in their specialism or a variety of jobs in the horticulture field. The specific experiences vary from one placement to another. If your education in relation with protected horticulture need our attention for placement don't hesitate to let us know. 

Schools and universities in Holland and China are also welcome to checkout possibilities for training and cooperation in knowledge transfer of students.


Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group B.V. (DGOG)

DGOG is a specialist in operation management for modern high technology greenhouse operations. China is our main market because of the effective investor and government relations. Be involved in Chinese new generation horticulture greenhouse developments is the position we take. For the short term involved in the design and construct of the project, and for the long term cooperate with investors for a profitable operation management and labour management. Create a valuable investment.


Your Location

Location: China or Holland.


DGOG offers interships and practice placements for students in Holland and China within a potential international network of horticulture greenhouse operations. 


To obtain an application or more information please contact:

Jörgen Kint, Managing Director of Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group B.V. +31 (0)6 22645383,


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