Operation Managers & Greenhouse Growers

Cultivation vegetables crops: tomatoes, in particular cocktail tomato and truss tomato, size 10+ hectares

Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group B.V. (DGOG)

DGOG is a specialist in operation management for modern high technology greenhouse operations. China is our main market because of the effective investor and government relations. Be involved in Chinese new generation horticulture greenhouse developments is the position we take. For the short term involved in the design and construct of the project, and for the long term cooperate with investors for a profitable operation management and labour management. Create a valuable investment.


Your Location

Location: China

On the same plot there are two greenhouse complexes. For these we are looking for an experienced grower.

Full time function. You will be living next to the greenhouse complexes.



The greenhouse operation manager is responsible for the quality and yield of the crop. Managing the greenhouse operation and be responsible for labour management. Focus on getting better and optimize the yearround process.

If you are used working in a team as the operation manager together with your labour manager, we are also open to discuss this option. This greenhouse operation is big enough for both disciplines by experienced managers. 

This opportunity is for about 2-5 years of commitment and working on improvement of the operation which can be very profitable for single you or as teamworker. Working each year on more yield, higher quality and less costs will result in attractive bonus.


Your qualifications are

  • Experience in operation managing

  • Experience in growing in modern high technology greenhouses ('Dutch Standard')

  • Preferably experience in China

  • Proven track record in tomato

  • Good cross cultural manager

  • Easy communicator on all levels within the organisation

  • Trustworthy and dedicated personality

  • English and or Chinese speaking

  • Want to live in China near location.

  • Capacity to work in China and easiness to integrate in the culture



DGOG offers this position within a potential international network of new generation investors and specialists. The position offers an independent job position, support from the best consultants and the possibility to be a key-figure of the new started project. We offer not only a good salary and housing but also a bonus system if you make your work a success.

The position(s) is fulltime, initially for 2 year (optional to a maximum of 5 year).

If you have questions about this position, please contact Jörgen Kint, Managing Director of Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group B.V. +31 (0)6 22645383, j.kint@greenhouseoperation.nl  Apply by sending your CV and letter.


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