HORTICULTURE and high-quality adapted forms of cultivation support

Modern horticulture in China is more likely to succeed with good work management and full-grown cultivation support. In other words it is all about communication in these support models and have right interaction to get the right actions. DGOG with DSG takes a crucial role in this translation, transfer, monitoring and service process to get the most out of the Dutch support.

We hereby assume that we have a technically correct greenhouse and a realistic selling price for quality products and food-safe products.

Dutch cultivation support on location whether or not in combination with the newest digital mentor, monitor, talent systems and services are not sufficient for a Chinese customer. Within DSG all relevant services are adjusted and prepared for the Chinese market with DGOG on both sides and with the Dutch partners. This means that services and systems have been adapted to function as effectively as possible in Chinese companies, training- and work systems. As it is known that cultural differences are large, extra attention is paid to modern hierarchical working methods, so that training, transfer of knowledge, support and the interactions for this are relatively well aligned. Nevertheless, a slightly different form is desired and applied with regard to support and working models for companies operating more according to the Dutch model 

Since DSG on the one hand has its own commercial greenhouses under construction and is responsible for its own operation, a workforce has been set up within which experienced Chinese talents are assigned the important tasks. Chinese talents with a study and work experience background in the Netherlands. Often studied at WUR and Chinese universities with work experience gained in modern Dutch greenhouses. With these talents and some of them become monitors we also serve 3th party operations. In time Dutch and Chinese monitors will eventually become mentors and can choose to work in China or The Netherlands. For the future the Chinese high skilled and backed up local support DSG will expand as much as needed to serve as many as possible investors and costumers. For communication 1 on 1 and adequate service actions toward these clients. It's obvious capacity increase must be provided on the Chinese local market itself and be able to communicate well as China has to evolve to do it by themselves finally.  


The transformation of the Dutch support package to the Chinese market, the implementation, training, communication and service provision has thus been made a China-China service for the best result and to provide solid growth for improvement of growth support. Of course there is a short shift with the Dutch equivalent and backbone.

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