Biological growing

Fight pests with natural enemies

Avoiding the use of pesticides in hydroponic growing is our goal. Keeping pest under control and ensuring food safety is not a challenge but a mission. Biological pest control will increase also average production because more regular harvest. In a protected area such as the glass houses this effect is also contributing to higher yields and better quality.

Control climate, control growth, control pests... It's all about be in control of your operation. Work with us to achieve these nowadays required conditions.

Hygienic working procedures

For safe food and quality

1. Practice good personal hygiene and health

2. Use safe water for irrigation

3. Keep harvest equipment and harvest tools clean and dry

4. Handling, storage and transport clean and dry

5. Effective cleaning, maintenance and sanitation

6. Clean packing

7. Incoming material requirements

8. ....and more.

No pesticides

Organic does not automatically mean free of pesticide or chemical

Organic produce has become increasingly popular in recent years, as consumers have grown more health conscious and environmentally aware. Organic is more the produce from the land, not the crop cultivated by hydroponic systems

In fact, under the laws, organic farmers are allowed to use a wide variety of chemical sprays and powders on their crops. It means that these pesticides, if used, must be derived from natural sources, not synthetically manufactured. 

We like to talk about safe food and healthy food which is biological threated. 

Control cultivation

Control, monitoring and registration

Control cultivation gives us the tool to do what is needed for a safe and good growth of the vegetables. Know what we feed the plants, spot pests, influence the climate. It all results in better quality vegetables. Modern high technology greenhouses are managed by experienced growers and managers. They will learn the local team how to act on all changing conditions around and in the glass house. To optimize the produce and keep it clean and healthy.

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