Management and labour training

Up to date modern greenhouse operation training

You need the right grower and manager. Each growers do have special knowledge and experience in certain crop.

We from DGOG have growers and place them on your location to make it successful.

The grower and selected successors will work as a team nt who will become after period the local grower of the facility.

Internships and placements

Learn by practice improve your skills

The operational aspects from the beginning to the future is very important. That is why DGOG make core business and long term collabortation for transfering knowledge. Learn from experienced Dutch managers and growers. Responsibility and common interest to make it a successfull company. Training programs for students and workers. In greenhouse farming the workers take a big role in the success of the company. That is why we invest from the start in them.

Crop grow systems and cultivation methods

Sustainable technology adapted

Crop grow systems and modern cultivation methodes used in hydroponics and nowadays nurseries are evaluated and implemented in the design for the best. New crop, new techniques can all result in doing things different. Growing is creating and creating is possible by flexibility. Be up to date with your production machine gives benefits and give you the leading position. Change and anticipate is greenhouse operation.

Grow strategy and marketing

Commercial growing with sales in the lead. Know your market

Grow strategy and marketing is influenced by own vision and ideas but also by constantly benchmarking. What is your competitor doing. How is it done by others. What are our operational costs, can we cut costs. Can we work more efficient. Never let us lead by price from another. Do we need other crop on other moments. And lot of more to make plans on.

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