Logistics in bigger scale glasshouse cultivation will bring structure in harvesting and internal transport. The level of automate and integration is to decide on volume and intensity of harvesting the crop. Logistics brings structure in harvesting.  

Warehouse logistics in greenhouse vegetables has to do with sorting, packing, short time stock and conditioning of the produce. Preserve quality and freshness of the product. Efficient handling to prevent damage and prepare loading activities. Warehouse logistics are not standard but crop specific designed.

Good infrastructure is required to transport funerable food such as soft fruit vegetables. Developing new areas for horticultural business will need this infrastructure to be at its best. Better distribution networks will give more opportunities in distance and provide fresh products at the consumers.

Be in control of your transport will assure the quality of your product the most. Notice that the the biggest food spoilage occures by bad conditioned transport and bad infrastructure. Food wil damage. It can be worthfull to cooperate or organise alliances with partner growers to make position in conditioned transport developments, warehouses, conditioned distrubution and other related concerns.

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