Determined by your location, climate, energysources and market

The optimized greenhouse is made by customized design. We prefer to call it a production machine instead of a glasshouse building. A production machine to control and operate cultivation of vegetables and ornamentals. All in perspective of efficiency, high hygienic norms, safe to eat and high quality produce.        

New opportunities in the field of protected food cultivation are now actual. The future is promisful and consumer market grows. Time to create a strategic position in construct and exploitation of save and healty food production greenhouses.

Safe food and availability of safe food is important now and even more in future. Sustainable production of vegetables in China, requires transformation to the new high-technologie industry on Dutch level which will able China vegetable cultivation to grow healthy and safe veggies by wished proven modern horticulture developments from Holland. China government push this transformation and is leading in the change.

Global assessment of world's land concludes that 25% of the earth's is badly degraded and that a sustainable intensification of agricultural productivity is required to meet the growing demand. Horticulture, especially protected cultivation of vegetables can meet these requirements.

- Invest now for the future -

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