High technology greenhouse and nursery

Design and plans for commercial glasshouses and nurseries

We set up the design and plan to check feasibility for further decision making in the obtained development. What are the requirements, what energy and water sources do we have, is the location good for glass houses. Our work is double check from investors prospective the project will have the opportunity to become successful. The more independant approach the better, confidentially working together without being influenced by the pressure companies will put on decision making in favor of selling their products the better it is.

Technical feasibility and budgeting

Simple first question 'can we earn back this investment ?'

DGOG will put lot of effort in the first stage of checking feasibility of the project. The more exact all elements are taken in to account the faster realisation can take place. By close cooperation with chinese specialsts we are able to get technical feasibilities together with preliminary budget and related design quickly to the GO or NO GO decision point. For investors who are new in the market or in this industry DGOG it's best choice.


Major is energy, food safety and employment

Sustainability stands in greenhouse developments in particular for using environmental friendly energy sources, make sure the quality of the food is good and safe. In case of rural development there is a lot of attention to the positive impact horticulture investments have for employment plans. We consider these important issues in our work as most important for people and nature.

Combined expertise adapted

Combine the best of China with the best of the Netherlands

Best of 2 worlds we adapt and integrate to create projects with a platform to build together. Evaluate in the design what best can be purchased or done by chinese companies. Critical is that the Dutch Standard is the required level. So by working intensively together we as DGOG know what who and where to adapt. Benefits of both result in lower investments, shorter building time and positions of chinese suppliers, manufacturers and builders.

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