Chinese identity;  Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agriculture Technology Co, Ltd. DSG is;

  • by Government supported company for Modern Horticultural developments in Shandong and Dezhou

  • the executor of China Horti Center (HC) & Horticultural Cluster Industry Platform in Dezhou

  • the executor of a Commercial Growing and Demo Training Greenhouse Complex to chain HC key operations

  • the executor of other commercial greenhouses to start in 2020

  • the HC operational Chinese management in cooperation with local leading partners. 

  • exists besides DGOG (Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group BV) out of China National Minorities Economic Technology Development Company by Zhongmin Jingkai Technology Development Co., Ltd. (CNMED-T) and Capital Development Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CDIFM) which is a cooperation of 11 Chinese banks and financial institutes.

Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group B.V.  


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