(DCA) Dutch Chinese Association for the Promotion of Horticultural Cooperation;

Whole Chain Horti Association for Dutch-Chinese cooperations to optimize in presence for Chinese market;

  • manufacturing​ and engineering

  • training, education and science

  • promotion and sales

  • project developments 

DCA is the face and Dutch Technology Level team to Chinese market for developments of Modern Horticulture in China and has a voice in HC exposure






Dutch companies 1 voice - Chinese customer 1 to communicate


Dutch Chinese Association for the Promotion of Horticultural Cooperation

The lack of a good commercial position for the Dutch horticultural industry is what we are confronted with in China. Exactly this is what DCA fills in and provides, a position. Position is needed to have more certainty in obtaining revenue from our specific and highly specialized horticultural production companies as they act more and more in China. Preventing Dutch companies from focusing mainly on squeezed supplies, partial deliveries, because the current market in China behaves in this way is not really desirable. Dutch horticulture must merge and cluster in China with partners who have a similar goal in mind and act accordingly. And above all offer a long-term solution. DCA was created for this purpose and there are close ties with the Chinese network within our companies that also have this in mind and want to invest in this. Transforming horticulture is a plan that will be rolled out structurally and will take at least 25 years or more in China. In this case it is important that we, Dutch horticulture industry, are still there by that time. Cooperating Dutch companies among themselves in China as well as cooperating Dutch companies with Chinese companies is the key issue. The 1 face and 1 voice is the DCA.

DCA  Training Center in Westland

  • Office function in Westland

  • Compartments in use for training and tests

  • Skill and train DSG employees

  • Skill and train talents of 3th parties from China

  • Train the trainer connection base with the HC training platform to increase capacity for Chinese market and for instant communicable services in growsupport to the investors of developments

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