The operational management of a Horti Center, as we are going to run in Dezhou, includes divisions of knowledge specific parts and departments. In addition to general management, there is also management for events, exhibitions, B2B platforms, project platforms, associations, buildings, training courses, training courses, institutions, business offices and facilities. On a production technical level we distinguish management for R&D, test laboratories, cultivation and production greenhouses, as well as for vertical farming.


A balanced management of Dutch and Chinese persons and parties will contribute to mutual growth and expansion with focus on uniformity and standards. Skills and experience for certain management tasks will be learned by practise in the Netherlands. Our DSG chinese identity is the main postion in this plan to interact with Chinese systems and processes. And to exchange or prepare the specific information and tasks to be confirmed by Chinese parties.


For the 'green finger' tasks and management in R&D, nursery-vertical farm greenhouses Dutch management will skill a dedicated Chinese team with a WUR background and former presence in operations of Modern Dutch Greenhouses.  


General horticulture greenhouse management in China can be proivide with services and skilling to meet  Dutch cultivations and operation levels. In The Netherlands traditionally the grower (often the owner) who is responsible for almost all tasks, oversees and is guided by cultivation knowledge and market knowledge. Outstanding in versatility is what a Dutch grower stands for. The necessity arose to take responsibility for the investment made, his obligations to banks. On the other hand banks financed based on competence of the grower(s).


With regard to nowadays investors taking the postion of the former grower, the management disciplines are filled in by employee management, cultivation management and include employees, technical staff, logistics staff, sales and marketing.


To support investors with all these specialism DGOG and on China mainland DSG are in place. Preparing resources and make them able to adapt in best way in operations of commercial greenhouses in China.


Horticulture greenhouse management requires a different hierarchical approach and functioning to prevent risks. We are dealing with the factor nature, a plant, life. Listening to this and acting optimal for this is in fact how the operation is largely determined within business operations. In this way it is possible to respond in best way to the market, at the lowest costs with quality and food safety guarantees. And therefore more sales guarantees. DSG makes this spearhead of operations.

In this process training courses, refresher courses, cultivation support, labor management become continuous processes within the organization that have growth in mind and want to expand in a structural way. The facilities in Dezhou Horti Center and planned proper build greenhouses for training in real commercial circumstances under various conditions will contribute a lot to growth. Growth for DSG but also growth and securities for 3th party investments and the horticulture transformation in China. It is even the tool for Dutch companies and institutes to operate in line with Chinese systems and become a fixed factor in the developments. Combine best of two worlds. 

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