Q1 2020

Strict requirements are followed up by the Chinese people

and have influence on the proces we are in. Still we are positive. 

We understand the serious situation by the virus in China and have to accept the consequences for our plans and process. We have the faith everything is done by the people to overcome the situation and finally to be back on track. When is not clear nevertheless we hope soon.  


Q4  2019 / Q1 2020

Tenders to be sent out to the companies for pricing and will be subsequently purchased 

The technical specifications and drawings are prepared by AAB BM International and split up in tender parts. DSG invites all leading horticultural companies in their specialism to make a bid. With focus on cost awareness in balance with quality China's benifits will be the difference to distinguish yourself as co-operation partner in our project. Our projects are Chinese, investment are Chinese and in every case depending on the long lasting leading Dutch horticultural expertise and cooperations. Cooperations with DSG can be the start for a fruitfull future in shaping Modern Horticulture together. We looking forward to youR input. in case your company think 'i want to check my possibiities and make a bid' , just contact us.



Funding department of DSG inform Dutch visitors and governments their plans for investing in Horti Center and rural area developments 

DSG is the operational partner for upcoming project investments and developments in horticulture sector in Shandong, China.

Besides the leading involvement in the realization of the Horti Center in Shandong DSG announced to plan to construct more commercial greenhouse developments throughout China starting next year growing to 150 till 250ha yearly by own funds and those for third-party projects. DSG’s vision stated that  one can not exist without the other so growth from Horti Center output has to be in balance with the availability of proper build commercial greenhouses and right grow support solutions.

For the effectiveness of uniform action, capacity increase, maintenance and expansion of the platform that allows the establishment of a new horticultural standard for China, it does not need to be higher mathematics for DSG to work together on all fronts and cluster formation in China for each company will strengthen the individual as well as the joint companies within the horticultural sector.



Group of Dutch leading companies in horticulture present in Shandong, China 

We thanks our visitors for their support on the official announcement of the start of the Horti Center in Shandong. From left to right: Perry van Adrichem (Hortitech), Marcel Schulte (Holland Netting International), Peet van Adrichem (Hortitech & DCA & member of strategy and designer team within DSG), Ruud Schenkels (De Gier Drives), Pim van Adrichem ( Hortitech), Pascal den Heijer (Holland Screening International), Fokke Kracht (Valk Horti Systems), Don Kester (Priva), Jörgen Kint (DSG & DGOG & DCA) and Frank Boers (BOAL), Oscar Niezen (representative for Lentiz C&C) is missing in the photo, as well as Theo Stolze (Stolze)

Other Dutch horticultural industry and sector companies and institutes are even invited to take part in our future plans.



Shandong Horti Center Ceremony takes place 

Horti Center Ceremony takes place on the 16th of October 2019. A milestone for the new industry of Horticulture in China. DHC will be the place in which Dutch and Chinese companies will mix together in lot of key activities. Activities such as training, education, B2B, offices, exhibition, experience center combined with R&D center, vertical farming, new cultivation systems and modern young plant facility.     A base for Dutch companies to explore China, be in a cluster of familiar companies and have on headlines all the same goal.

DSG at the HORTI CHINA 2019


DSG attend Horti China 2019 in Qingdao, Shandong, China.

19-20-21th of September

On the Horti China fair in Qingdao the focus of DSG will be on the development of the Dezhou Horti Center. 

Promote the DHC to the foreign and domestic companies. 

DSG understand cooperation between Dutch and Chinese companies can lead to transformation of horticulture industry in China. First steps are often the most important steps for real changes. DSG welcomes you to visit our booth and have some talks about possibilities in future market. DSG can make a difference for your next steps in China 

Dezhou delegation visit Horti Industry


More visits to new modern greenhouse projects in the Westland by Dezhou delegation

Manufacturers in horticultural industry all come together in the end result being a modern greenhouse. All special systems running smoothly with eachother and in order of eachother. All disciplines and technics integrated in big running systems steered and control with horticultural computer systems. A future proof high technology production machine. Intelligent systems, lot of automazation, structure systems and control.  This is what China urgently need to grow and produce in safe way safe food and create benefits for high quality flowers and ornamentals. Dezhou with the wished cluster industry and Dezhou Horti Center become the key city of Modern Horticulture if we succeed by cooperation.

Connect leaders of Westland Industry


Dezhou Development Zone Technology Commision visit Dutch manufacturing companies

Mr. E. Hongda director of Dezhou High Technology Development Zone was impressed by the professional companies in the Westland and afterwards even more convinced they will become succesfull in Dezhou. He explained very clear this niche industry has to be set up together with the Dutch specialists. He invited the companies to Dezhou and give as much support as possible to succeed together for a fruitfull future. 

The delegation visited BOAL, Metazet, De Gier, Valk Systems and Priva in combination with some modern greenhouses in the Westland.

DHC presentation in World Horti Center


Dezhou delegation invite Dutch Horti Companies in World Horti Center.

Dezhou Horti Center explained and some new agreements are signed.

By invitation of DGOG. Mr. E. Hongda, Director of Dezhou High Technology Development Zone, and his delegation visit Westland to do research at the factories of  manufacturers of Dutch horticultural technology. Companies from Westland such as BOAL, Priva, Stolze, Metazet, Holland Screens, Holland Netting, De Gier, Hortitech and AAB have been invited after a pre-phase of conversations to investigate more the benefits of a position in Dezhou with DSG. Localization for Dutch Horti Companies. Others specialized in training and education attend, such as Lentiz CC, InHolland, LDE to tighten the strings for knowledge exchange. At lunch Westland governement Vice Mayor Karin Zwinkels and Mr. E. Hongda meet and talk about the future of Westland and Dezhou.

Come together Act together in DCA


DCA established.  

“Dutch Chinese Association for the Promotion of Horticultural Cooperation”

DCA Foundation is established with the official name “Dutch Chinese Association for the Promotion of Horticultural Cooperation”. DCA brings together the Dutch Companies who want to be on Chinese markets and need a respectfull longterm position, and Chinese Companies who want to support the Dutch Level Industry in Dezhou, Shandong and China. DCA as the Dutch-Level Horti standard on Chinese market.

DCA invites all Horticulture related companies from the Netherlands to take place in the DCA.

DCA is promoting the Dutch Horti sector in China fromout the Dezhou Horti Center.

DCA is promotion of Dutch level industry and clusters to gain a position in the project market.

DCA China Training Centrum opens


Opening of DCA China Training Centrum in the first DEMOKWEKERIJ.

Opening of the DCA China Training Centrum in the first Demokwekerij at the Zwetlaan, former Demokwekerij founded by Peet Van Adrichem.

The training center is for training personnel for the operation and management of the Dezhou Horti Center and for employees employed in the commercial greenhouses of DSG and those of other horticultural companies. 

The training center will work closely with the training and education capacity that will be housed in the Dezhou Horti Center and will scale up in short time on the Chinese market to create more and local capacity.

DSG contract AAB for DHC project


DGOG and AAB signs for cooperation in designing of developments such as Horti Centers and Commercial Greenhouses in China

DSG contracts AAB BM International BV to transform in cooperation with DGOG the basic design of the Dezhou Horti Center with it’s specific implemented functions into an International Architectural Building design. And translate all greenhouse wishes and requirements into Final Design and Tender packages.

General design and in particular the main building design in balance with wishes from Chinese market and the local functionality of the Center has been created in the year upfront by DSG and DGOG BV later in cooperation with the experience and knowledge of the team of Peet van Adrichem by Hortitech BV. Functionality based on the first Demokwekerij models are fine tuned to Chinese levels. 

End of May Architect Anton Hanemaaijer visit Dezhou.

Bouke Arends send wishes to Dezhou


New Mayor of Westland Municipality Bouke Arends send New Year wishes to Dezhou

In order of express warm bounds between Cities. The new Mayor of Municipality Westland, Mr. Bouke Arends, send by a video his best wishes and promisful cooperation perspective to Dezhou Government which has been broadcast on television in Shandong

DSG contracts Peet van Adrichem


DSG contracts Hortitech BV, Peet van Adrichem founder of 1st Demokwekerij and one of the key men during the execution of World Horti Center Naaldwijk

DSG contract Peet Van Adrichem company HortiTech BV to create together the Dezhou Horti Center and fill in the specific needs with functionalities suitable for local operations. With a focus on exploitation of an effective trainingcampus in Dezhou for China. DGOG-DGS and Horitech design the basics of the building with all it’s functions. Key functions involved are B2B, offices, exhibition, testing, practise-training-education, training on cultivation and technical, R&D for education, R&D for 3th parties, new cultivation system developments, vertical growing, All-Climate greenhouse, nursery and commercial production.

Peet and his sons running HortiTech BV and besides the practical look on things he is due his experience in Demokwekerij a functionality expert for the sector.

DSG present at Horti China 2018


DSG present at the Horti China 2018 in Shanghai

On the Horti China fair in Shanghai it is the first time DSG show themselves as a Chinese company with a Dutch heart. The objectives of DSG are still actuall and become the spearheads for 2019 and 2020.

DSG takes office in Dezhou


DSG office which is located directly opposite the newly to be built DHC in the center of the Development Zone, next to the Tsingua University R&D building

Be in the center of new developments in Dezhou. That is where DSG office is. The incubator office building of Dezhou is a perfect location as first home base and be close to the site of our Dezhou Horti Center project and Horticultural Industry Cluster land. On the 7th floor of this office building we have the opportunity to  build out the plans, facilitate other companies if needed preliminairy to the office provisions in the new DHC. 

DGOG starts design DHC project


DGOG exchange ideas of functionalities and benefits of a Dutch Horti Cluster Industry with Dezhou Government

After a year of meetings and talks with Dezhou City Perfecture government and related county governements DGOG starts with the general designs of the Dezhou Horti Center and set up the first requirement list for later design work. Several stages in the first designs passing the table to bring the most suitable and complete general design on the table for AAB AM International BV to proceed as effeciënt as possible. And to design a Horti Center of high standard.

Horticultural Seminar Dezhou


Horticultural Seminar in Dezhou organized by Dezhou Government, Dezhou High Tech Development Zone Commission and DSG

DSG, Dezhou Government department of the Development Zone together with Dezhou Foreign Affairs Office organize a Seminar on Horticulture. DSG invited Peet Van Adrichem to Dezhou. Peet Van Adrichem is founder of the first Demokwekerij in Westland and one of the leading men in the creation and execution of the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. A key-man to succeed with our plan. The land to build the Dezhou Horti Center is pointed out in these days.

Party Secretary delegation in Westland


Mr. Chen Yong, Party Secretary of Dezhou City Perfecture and his delegation visit Westland 

By invitation of DGOG. Mr. Chen Yong, Party Secretary of Dezhou City Perfecture and his delegation visit Westland companies, the World Horti Center and was invited at the Governmental Office of  Interim Mayor of Municipality of Westland Mrs. Agnes Van Ardenne and in the presence of Vice Mayor Mrs. Karin Zwinkels. The friendly visit was to reinforce the earlier friendship relationship within the framework of the joint horticultural developments and to continue and intensify  cooperation. Mr. Chen Yong announced that Dezhou Horti Center, specific with local functions, should be developed. And Dutch knowledge and cooperation will speed up the transformation of the Horticultural Sector in Shandong and China. The plan and localization facilities for Dutch Horti Industry are still going strong and will be further developed.

DGOG research on Dutch Horti Sector


DGOG meetings with several Dutch Companies to investigate the requirements and needs for evaluations on localization in China

DGOG – DSG conversations for localization in Dezhou with Dutch manufacturers are going strong.

Westland Government is asked to support the Dezhou initiatives for the Dutch-Westland local horticulture industry and give some face to the initiatives.

DSG is the initiator in Dezhou with it’s Dezhou support of several departments.

DSG financed by Chinese planmakers is in the lead to to create Chinese modern horticulture base in Dezhou with Dutch level technology and knowledge transfer. Investing in promotion and provide benefits for Dutch Companies is by Chinese team. DSG believes that if China want this new industy settled in Dezhou it can be done by arranging facilities, give financial support and services to  unburden and support the Dutch.

New Chinese Company DSG starts


DSG - Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd is established in Dezhou

DSG – Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is established by DGOG – Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group BV and a local Dezhou investment company for first phase in setting up the plan. An ambitious plan which involves the development of Dezhou Horti Center and first 40ha Commercial Demo Training Greenhouse.  DSG and Dezhou Government believe this plan has the potential to start real structural transformation from Old to New Industry. And Dezhou can become the most professional hotspot in modern horticulture to set the standard for China and create more guarantees for investments in secure food production. The vision to bring Dutch and Chinese companies together in Dezhou they share with DSG.

Chairman of DSG is Mr. Lei Xu

Agnes van Ardenne best wishes to Dezhou


Interim Mayor of Westland Municipality Agnes van Ardenne wishes Dezhou Government a Happy New Year by video message on television in Shandong

Mayor of Municipality Westland, Mrs. Agnes van Ardenne, send by a video her best wishes and promisful cooperation perspective to Dezhou Government which has been broadcast on television in Shandong

Dezhou starts with Modern Greenhouses


Dezhou Government support Modern Greenhouses in the Dezhou City Prefectuur counties. Starting from 2017 till now.

Dezhou government and it's county governments support new constructed modern greenhouse projects in Linyi, Lincheng and Kaifeng. Dezhou government is the most experienced governments in China in the field of Dutch level horticulture developments. First 7 ha, second 24 ha, third planned 40 ha and more is to come.

By their persisting drive to find more ways of developing new greenhouse complexes with local and national investment companies they support to go for the plan to build a Dezhou Horti Center. Based on earlier Dutch Greenhouse projects Dezhou knows what is the way for all involved parties in future. And they are the first to gather together the right parties for modern horticulture developments in China. 

DGOG fieldwork for support


DGOG starts to inform several Westland associations, companies and Westland Government. Fieldwork and survey.

DGOG brings more detailed information from the Dezhou plan under the attention of Dutch associations and foundations in the Westland Horticultural field to initiate cooperations. To check out willingness and synergy opportunities. Start up conversations with Dutch leading companies in the horticulture industry. 

In this perspective Westland Government is asked to support the Dezhou initiatives from out the earlier signed MOU with Dezhou Government. Lot of initiatives are actual for more business with China, unfortunatelly Westland Government find it is difficult to help DGOG because of other strategies with associations and parties at that time.

InnovationQuarter positive for Dezhou


InnovationQuater visit Dezhou government and support the City of Westland to establish an economic sister relationship with the City of Dezhou

InnovationQuater visit Dezhou government and support the City of Westland to establish an economic sister relationship with the City of Dezhou. The Mayor of Dezhou, Mr. Chen Fei clearly indicated Dezhou City Perfecture would like to strengthen cooperation with Municipality of Westland and Dutch Horticulture companies.


At this moment, 2019,  Mr. Chen Fei is Mayor of Yantai in Shandong, his precedors and Dezhou departments still have the focus, vision and mission to create the high level industry in Dezhou.

Dezhou starts with Modern Greenhouses


Vice Mayor of Westland Municipality Arne Weverling kick off the first 7 ha greenhouse in Dezhou's county Linyi

Vice-mayor Arne Weverling (internationalization) and a premier Dutch Greenhouse Building company are leading the Ceremony, the kick off of the first phase of 7 hectare new to be build glasshouse for tomato production in Dezhou Linyi County.

Arne Weverling has been elected during 2018 for member of the second Chamber of the Parliament in the Dutch Government

Agreement on cooperation for Horti Sector


Dutch municipality of Westland sign an agreement with Dezhou

Arne Weverling, vice-mayor of the Dutch municipality of Westland signed an agreement with his colleague from Dezhou. It states that both regions will do everything possible to get further ahead and to promote and support cooperation, particularly in horticulture sectors. Besides the Municipality of Wesland also leading members of the Zuid-Holland Province joined this Trade Mission to Dezhou.

Sjaak van der Tak important for Dezhou


Mayor Chen Fei of Dezhou City Prefecture and his colleague Mayor Sjaak Van Der Tak of the Municipality of Westland signed both the agreement.

Mayor Chen Fei of Dezhou City Prefecture and his colleague Mayor Sjaak Van Der Tak of the Municipality of Westland signed both the agreement become an official friendships relation to support horticulture developments and business between governments of Dezhou and the Westland in order to catalize horticultural developments.

Trade Mission during State Visit


Municipality of Westland & InnovationQuarter organise a Seminar on Modern Horticulture at the Trade Mission during the State Visit of the Dutch King 

Municipality of Westland and InnovationQuarter organise a Seminar on Modern Horticulture at the Trade Mission in China during the State Visit of the Dutch King and Queen to China. Dezhou first contacts with the Dutch governments takes place.

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