Back to the base. All modern horticultural developments in China must be earned back by produce. Produce of vegetables, flowers and ornamentals and suitable price on markets is key. Focus on vegetables is about quality, availability and safe food. A guarantee to be facilitated by governement by it's rules and standards. Governance on produce, MRL's, distribution, can transform current outdated horticulture faster. The longer the Chinese government supports current horticulture, the more difficult the change will be and the longer it will take. Regulating step by step can compensate for the aging of growers, guarantee the quality and safety of vegetables, provide enough vegetables and shape a new industry.

One of the requirements to establish this starts with proffesional build production machines, suitable grow support in modern way and train or educate workers, talents for cultivation and management. Initiate more commercial demo greenhouse facilities to upscale the amount of skilled workers in cultivation and technology to provide in enough labor for growing areals.

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