Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group b.v.

Dutch identity; 

DGOG is partner and main shareholder in Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agriculture Technology Co, Ltd. (DSG).

DGOG scope of work is; 

  • Design & Functionality Office for Horti Centers and commercial greenhouses

  • Training & Grow support with Dutch leading knowledge & education institutes and experts, tailored for implementation and services by DSG team for Chinese market & costumers

Chinese identity;  Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agriculture Technology Co, Ltd. DSG is;

  • by Government supported company for Modern Horticultural developments in Shandong and Dezhou

  • the executor of China Horti Center (HC) & Horticultural Cluster Industry Platform in Dezhou

  • the executor of a Commercial Growing and Demo Training Greenhouse Complex to chain HC key operations

  • the executor of other commercial greenhouses to start in 2020

  • the HC operational Chinese management in cooperation with local leading partners. 

  • exists besides DGOG out of China National Minorities Economic Technology Development Company by Zhongmin Jingkai Technology Development Co., Ltd. (CNMED-T) and Capital Development Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CDIFM) which is a cooperation of 11 Chinese banks and financial institutes.

(DCA) Dutch Chinese Association for the Promotion of Horticultural Cooperation;

Whole Chain Horti Association for Dutch-Chinese cooperations to optimize in presence for Chinese market;

  • manufacturing​ and engineering

  • training, education and science

  • promotion and sales

  • project developments 

DCA is the face and Dutch Technology Level team to Chinese market for developments of Modern Horticulture in China and has a voice in HC exposure

HC  China Horti Center;

  • Exhibition, Promotion, Events, B2B, offices             - open to Dutch-level companies in horti sector -

  • Experience Center

  • R&D commercial and R&D training and collage; 47 compartments high tech R&D greenhouse

  • All-Climate greenhouse 

  • Class rooms for Training, Education, Practice for cultivation and technology

  • Vertical farming, nursery and new cultivation systems to produce on commercial level

  • Testing labs

  • Holland House with the Dutch Mountain as home base for the Dutch in Shandong

  • Canteen and restaurant

  • Sustainable energy models with geothermical technology


DSG provide management of main building services and activities related to promotion and network expansion of this new horticultural model. To inform and update  the transforming Chinese market on big scale and to take care for structural growth of Dutch-Chinese cooperative members joining eachother in general in China, DCA - HC and the Horticultural Cluster Industry Platform (HCIP).  

DCA  Training Center in Westland

  • Office function in Westland

  • Compartments in use for training 

  • Skill and train DSG employees

  • Skill and train talents of 3th parties from China

  • Train the trainer connection base with the HC training platform to increase capacity for Chinese market and for instant communicable services in growsupport to the investors of developments

Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group B.V.  


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