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The definition of the word horticulture has been referred to as agriculture in China over the centuries. This is still the general mindset. But it is difficult for people to explain what it means. It's agriculture, right? .... Well yes, but it's not exactly the same ....

Making decision makers aware of what modern horticulture really means and involves is what we explain, transfer, show and implement.


The construction of modern agriculture, "let agriculture become an industry with a head start." Agriculture is a strong foundation, and agriculture is a strategic industry that protects the world and stabilizes the people. Without agricultural modernization, there is no national modernization. "The emphasis on agriculture, the outline of the country", "China must be strong, agriculture must be strong", the general secretary has been very concerned about the development of agriculture. However, it is undeniable that compared with the basic status requirements in the national economy, the fragility of China's agriculture is very obvious; compared with the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization, the contradiction of China's agricultural modernization is relatively lagging. Then, how can we get out of a road of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics that is in line with China's basic national conditions and adapt to the stage of economic development, so that "making agriculture become an industry with a head start?"

In this regard, the General Secretary gave a clear answer, "to speed up the transformation of agricultural development methods, accelerate the pace of agricultural technological innovation, and embark on an intensive, efficient, safe and sustainable modern agricultural development path."

As a bridge between the Netherlands and China's high-end agricultural sector, the establishment of a horticultural center will make Shandong a core industrial zone for China's high-end greenhouse agriculture industry. The horti center will also become the world's leading modern agricultural development platform for China's high-end greenhouse agriculture technology. . The horticultural center has a prominent role in the integration of the first, second and third generations of production, safe and efficient, scale development, technology research and development integration, cooperatives and farmers' employment, and education and training of modern agricultural technology. It is leading the regional agricultural supply side structural reform and accelerating agricultural modernization. Development has a milestone in practical significance.

The garden center will attract and gather modern elements such as land, capital, science and technology, talents and information at a deeper level, accelerate innovation and development, open up advanced high-end equipment and technology to enter the agricultural channel, fully activate the three rural market, and promote industrial agglomeration and enterprise clusters development, and will play a leading role in spin-off, so that the high-end greenhouse agriculture industry will become a new source of power for China's rural economic development, and promote the efficient development of modern agriculture.

加快建设现代农业,“让农业成为有奔头的产业”。农业丰则基础强,农业是安天下、稳民心的战略产业,没有农业现代化就没有国家现代化。“务农重本,国之大纲”,“中国要强,农业必须强”,总书记一直对农业发展情况十分关心。然而,不可否认,与在国民经济中基础地位要求相比,我国农业的脆弱性十分明显;与高速发展的城镇化和工业化相比,我国农业现代化相对滞后的矛盾比较突出。 那么,如何走出一条符合中国基本国情、适应经济发展阶段的中国特色农业现代化道路,让“让农业成为有奔头的产业”?对此,总书记给出了明确答案,要“加快转变农业发展方式,加快农业技术创新步伐,走出一条集约、高效、安全、持续的现代农业发展道路”。



The 6 core functions of the Horti Center in the heart of Dezhou:

  • Technology Development and Innovation,

  • Education and Training Center,

  • Breeding and Seedling Center,

  • Exhibition Cooperation Center,

  • Inspection and Consultation Center,

  • Inspection and Testing Center.

1. The Technology R&D Innovation Center

is the Greenhouse Agricultural Technology R&D Center. Based on the Dutch standard greenhouse technology, the center has more than 40 Dutch standard intelligent laboratory greenhouses, mainly for the design, manufacture and planting of facilities in the modern greenhouse industry. Localization research on key links; technical research on breeding, seedling, planting, plant protection, water and fertilizer in smart greenhouses; research on professional detection and detection technologies related to fruit and vegetable safety, research and development, innovation and formation of Chinese patented technology or proprietary technology. As the only intelligent greenhouse agricultural research and development center in China, the center will cooperate with professional institutions at home and abroad to set up a greenhouse industry research institute in the Dezhou Development Zone. The industry experts will conduct scientific research, realize the combined development of production and research, and combine the advanced technology of Dutch greenhouses with China. The local situation is to carry out research and development upgrades, and to develop China's greenhouse industry manufacturing standards and planting standards; experimental greenhouses will receive GLP and GEP certification, attract multinational companies and research institutions, universities to do research stations; cooperate with Dutch professional institutions to set up inspection and testing work Room, comprehensive service to relevant domestic industries, technical support; these will be strong support for the development of China's high-end greenhouse agriculture.

2. Education and Training Center

The center will set up a professional horticultural college to recruit full-time students to cultivate practical talents in modern greenhouses (in cooperation with professional universities at home and abroad to set up horticultural colleges); at the same time, set up various short training courses, which are government for many years. Industry management organizations, greenhouse operators and greenhouse investors do technical training. The horticultural college students can directly arrange into the experimental greenhouse to do the actual operation, enter the horticultural center to study in various areas, and can contact the exhibition area enterprises for internships and even research projects; the horticultural college can also send technical teams to provide technical services for greenhouse planting and operation companies. To undertake local practical teaching activities for primary and secondary school students.

3. Breeding and nursery Center

The center plans to cooperate with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes to establish a greenhouse industry research institute in the local area as a technical support, develop precise breeding research, cultivate high-quality greenhouse vegetable varieties under the “Hebei standard” brand, and master the core of greenhouse industry planting. . At the same time, in cooperation with the well-known Dutch nursery company, the use of Dutch high-tech seedling technology to provide professional nursery services for greenhouse cultivation bases in the local and surrounding areas. Seedling cultivation is the primary link in vegetable production and an important technical measure for vegetable cultivation. Targeted high-end greenhouse seedlings, the purpose is to timely produce high-quality seedlings, which will promote plant growth and development, enhance the ability to resist pests and diseases, and ultimately obtain high quality and high yield of crops. Vegetable breeding is very technical. If the key technologies are not properly mastered, there will be problems such as longevity, freezing damage, aging, rooting, and root burning, affecting the growth and development after colonization, and then showing obvious early maturity, growth and high yield. difference. Therefore, excellent genetic fruit and vegetable seeds, scientific and rigorous seedling technology, and high-standard nursery facilities are strong guarantees for safe and high-yield greenhouse vegetable cultivation. During the free time of the nursery center, the mature hydroponics technology of Dutch A3 company will be adopted to plant high-standard safe vegetables to achieve efficient income increase.

4. Display Cooperation Center

The center is a display and promotion platform for various system manufacturing enterprises in the modern greenhouse field in the Netherlands and China, manufacturing materials for greenhouse operations, seed companies, and large-scale planting brands to provide products and facilities. Exclusive exhibition area, targeted to promote professional products and technology to professional visitors, at the same time, the center provides supporting office space for professional companies to enter, enhance cooperation and exchanges between enterprises, seek common development opportunities; the center will also attract professional exhibitions in the horticulture industry, Professional academic and technical seminars are held locally.

5. Inspection and Consultation Center

Due to the large amount of investment in smart greenhouse projects, investors and local government decision-makers need a truly responsible consulting and consulting organization to provide accurate data for decision-making. To have a real understanding of the industry, you need such a platform that can be explored in all aspects of the industry, and at the same time you can consult the accurate information you need.

6. Inspection and Testing Center

Accurate inspection and testing of soil, water and fertilizer, plant and leaf surface of the inspection and testing center Provide reliable and reliable data support for the safe and efficient growth of plants. The high-level inspection and testing center will serve the research and development of local agricultural science and technology. Improve the inspection and testing technology in this region to reach the international advanced level and provide a strong foundation for the development of the industry.


1、技术研发创新中心 即温室农业技术研发中心,该中心以荷兰标准温室技术为依托,拥有国内唯一的荷兰标准智能实验温室四十多个,主要进行现代温室产业的设施设计、制造、种植等关键环节的本地化研究;智慧温室的育种、育苗、种植、植保、水肥等技术研究;果蔬安全相关的专业检测与检测技术研究等等,研发创新并形成中国专利技术或专有技术。作为中国目前唯一的智能温室农业研发中心,该中心将与国内外专业机构合作,在德州开发区成立温室产业研究院,行业专家驻地科研,实现产研结合发展,把荷兰温室的先进技术结合中国当地实情进行研发升级,并制定出中国的温室行业制造标准和种植标准;实验型温室将获得GLP和GEP认证,吸引跨国企业和研究机构、大学做研究站;与荷兰专业机构合作成立检验检测工作室,全面服务于国内相关行业,做技术支持;这些将为中国高端温室农业的发展做到强力支撑。

2、教育培训中心 该中心将设立一座专业的园艺学院,招收全日制学生培养现代温室内的实用型人才(与国内外专业高校合作设立园艺学院);同时设置各种短训课程,常年为政府行业管理机构、温室运营公司及温室投资人做技术培训。园艺学院学生可以直接安排进实验型温室做实际操作,进入园艺中心各区域学习,并可以联系展示区企业做实习甚至做课题研究;园艺学院还可以派出技术团队为各地温室种植运营公司做技术服务;承接当地的中小学生实践教学活动。

3、育种育苗中心  该中心拟与国内外大学、研究机构合作在当地成立温室产业研究院为技术依托,展开精准育种研究,培育“荷标”品牌的优质温室蔬菜品种,掌握温室产业种植的核心。同时,与荷兰知名的育苗公司合作,运用荷兰高科技育苗技术,为当地及周边地区的温室种植基地提供专业的育苗服务。育苗是蔬菜生产的首要环节,是蔬菜栽培种植的一项重要技术措施。有针对性的高端温室育苗,目的是适时培育出高质量的秧苗,这将促使植物生长发育旺盛,增强抗病虫害能力,最终获得作物的优质高产。蔬菜育苗环节技术性很强,如果关键技术掌握不当,会出现秧苗徒长、冻害、老化、沤根、烧根等问题,影响定植后的生长发育,进而在早熟性、成长性和丰产性上表现明显差异。因此,优秀基因的果蔬种子、科学严谨的育苗技术、高标准的育苗设施是温室蔬菜种植安全、高产的强大保障。育苗中心的空闲时段将采用荷兰A3公司的成熟水培技术,种植高标准安全蔬菜,实现高效增收。

4、展示合作中心  该中心是荷兰和中国现代温室领域的各个系统制造企业、温室运营所需材料的制造企业、种子公司、大型种植品牌提供产品与设施的展示与推广平台,在中心内常年设置专属展区,针对性的向专业参观者推广产品与技术,同时,中心为进驻的专业公司提供配套办公场所,增强企业之间相互合作交流,寻求共同发展机会;中心还将吸引园艺业专业会展、专业学术技术研讨会到当地举办。

5、考察咨询中心 由于智能温室项目投资数额较大,投资者及各地政府决策者都需要一个真正负责任的考察咨询机构为其提供准确的数据做决策依据。对产业有真正了解,需要这样一个可以将产业各个环节考察到的平台,同时可以咨询到自身需要的准确信息。

6、检验检测中心 土壤、水肥、植株、叶面等方面的精准检验检测为植物的安全、高效生长提供可靠的大数据依托,高水平的检验检测中心,将服务于本地农业科技研究与发展,提升本区域内检验检测技术达到国际先进水平,为行业的发展做强大的基础支撑。

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