for Dutch Horti Sector & Structural transformation improvement China

what does China want; what China misses; what China got; what China can do

  • Professional transformation to modern horticulture and safe food on a large scale.

  • Self-sufficiency in the new industry in order to be able to meet (imposed) demand, reduce the cost price and aspire to a new export position

  • Long-term cooperation with the Netherlands and investing in horticulture

  • Stay in charge of national industries and export positions

  • Take food responsibility

  • Quality and control in production and distribution

  • Modern horticulture is used to raise the flower and plant industry in general

  • Create better jobs in agriculture

#1.What does China want

  • Project requirement

  • Resources

  • With adjustments in current industry, it can be scaled up quickly

  • Students and talents with basic knowledge who are put to work in the new horticulture and receive additional training

  • Aging population in the horticultural sector

  • Growing population

  • Concealed financial support for horticultural farmers

  • Powerful incubators with effective networks in governments, institutes, universities to shape, implement and develop developments constructively and quickly.

  • A horticultural transforming national interest.

#3.What does China have

  • Experience, knowledge training and the functional basis to transform horticulture yourself

  • References for market forces within the financing system; better guarantee models are a condition for thorough (government) investments

  • Governments that need to innovate do not know what modern horticulture is and what it entails.

  • The extra capacity of the Dutch horticultural niche industry

  • Follow-up within the current horticultural model

  • Modern chain from production to sales

  • Create horticulture industry yourself with cooperation and innovation to the Dutch level

  • Industry and work models where; - all horticultural specialties together design a correct production machine (greenhouse) - whether quality and safety is guaranteed from seed to product in the store - business and operational parties are responsible for sound and controlled production

  • Better-matched training and cultivation support for Chinese transformation.

  • Understanding that business hierarchy in modern horticultural businesses will not lead to successful business according to current Chinese system.

#2.What China misses

  • Start regulating regional food production based on residue values

  • Subject sales and distribution to higher requirements

  • Actually reducing current production methods and simultaneously scaling up in modern production

  • Implement area transformation from poor food production to safe food production

  • Give horticulture the Netherlands a safe position for cooperation to improve its own industry and sector

  • Initiate projects and set quality requirements; set up a Chinese Standard based on the Dutch model

#4.What China already can do

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