General design,

Pre-planning. Schematic impression of the greenhouses and blocks

DGOG specialists figure out the possibilities within the borders of the available land. Checking out the obstacles in the field and indicate what to get out, to move, to modify or to extend to get the right greenhouse sizes. Elevations of the greenhouses in mountainious sites are determined in balance with cutting and filling earthwork volumes. Optimize water discharge and positions of basins, roads,, etcetera are keypoints in the layout phase. Local tuning and attention on lot of conditions and rules are in this phase. A time consuming proces which is for Chinese projects a requirement to get on in the proces for possible award of a project or getting later on an invitation for bid on the tender.


The design which forms the base for budget and quotes, also named the Basic Design

In this phase the design becomes clear. We weigh the local climate, altitude, energy provisions and costs, vegetable varieties. Seen from the produce considerations about type of vegetables, grow seasons, growsystems are influencing the design. Even plans for harvest and packing are part the preliminairy design. In fact lot of knowledge fields come together to prepare the right base for final designs. To unburden investors, canalize and adapt the information in practical way DGOG takes the lead for this important phase. We give firm implementation to the Chinese way of working by keeping teams small and orderly and using short lines of communication. It is our job to combine knowledge and adapt it. The design preserves the knowledge of Dutch horticulture leading sector and will fit in specified or economic budgets. If all input is given feasibility calculations take place to see if ROI's are acceptable and strategy can maintain. Strategy, in particular procurement strategy is very important now to lower investement and prevent quality losses.


The composition of manufacturers and suppliers to the project, each with their costumized design finetunes the Final Design 

If the GO is given, investment is arranged, strategy is final. DGOG has more options to proceed and support the investor. By technical specifications and preliminary design the project can be placed as tender in the market or due other reasons awarded directly to suppliers. In both ways the final design is formed by the offers and specs of these bidders or projectpartners. All meeting our requirements as stated in the preliminary design. Oversee the designs to construct by the final design is managed by DGOG. The compliance with approvals, inspection, strength technical matters and implementation according to rules and standards that apply in China are communicated by DGOG


Contracted suppliers and manufacturers for the project set up the detail design with responsibility for optimized integration of systems.

Detail design or detail engineering is done by the awarded suppliers & manufacturers. Their choices and internal calculation methodes are very specific for each discipine and integrated technical system and wil result in meeting our requirments. Coordination and control is done by DGOG management. Besides that DGOG support the investor and suppliers to manage the purchases in most economical way. 


Adjustments, extras, different integration of installation of systems are revised till the final As Built drawings and documentation

Once commissioning takes place all information related to the project is gathered by DGOG and investor. Drawing are updated for final As Built, collect the guarantees, maintenance protocols and contracts, etcetera. All for further smooth operations.


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